Many patients complain of sagging and increasing laxity of the skin as they age, especially in the lower face, around the mouth, and under the chin. While neuromodulators (Botox, etc.) can go a long way to reducing wrinkles and dermal fillers can certainly replace lost facial volume, they are limited in their ability to improve the thickness and elasticity of the skin.

When I discuss treatment options with patients, I often compare the facial structure with the frame of a house. While dermal fillers help maintain the frame of your house and neuromodulators (Botox, etc) help keep your siding looking tip-top, they do little to restore the foundation. And if the foundation of your house is thinning and the integrity is crumbling, the walls will eventually cave in, even if they have a fresh coat of shiny red paint. We have to keep our dermis thick and healthy, which means maintaining a robust collagen and elastin matrix. This matrix naturally deteriorates with age, a process accelerated by sun damage, environmental pollutants, poor diet, and poor skin care. So how do we slow the process, or better yet, reverse it?

microneedling-benefitsEnter the INFINI! Not only is it one of the very best options currently available to non-surgically tighten the skin, it also creates a therapeutic dermal injury, stimulating your body to heal the treated area by increasing rehabilitation of the collagen and elastin matrix, improving the thickness and health of the skin. How? The INFINI is state of the art technology, utilizing micro needling to deliver high intensity radio frequency energy, deep into the dermis, to create thermal injury to the sub layers of the skin. By facilitating fractional thermal coagulation zones, instead of ablative heating, this delivery system minimizes surface trauma, which eliminates downtime and post-procedure discomfort. The result is unparalleled skin tightening, with one single treatment described as 49% as effective as a surgical facelift. Because the Infini also improves the health and thickness of the dermis and also lightly resurfaces the top layer of the skin, it has many benefits that a facelift would fail to provide.

So what should you expect for the treatment? Rest assured, we will do everything possible to make sure you have the most pleasant treatment experience. Patients are provided with a prescription for both pain and anxiety medications prior to their appointment. We have patients arrive early to apply a prescription-strength topical anesthetic to the treatment area, which markedly reduces procedure discomfort. Additional anesthesia options are available for qualified patients with increased anxiety or sensitivity, including nerve blocks and IV sedation performed by a licensed anesthesia provider.

Recovery from the INFINI is a breeze. There is no post-procedure discomfort, no skin sloughing, no bioocclusive ointment, no house arrest, no activity limitations, and no missing out on your social calendar. Some red grid dots from the procedure will be visible for up to a week, but they fade quickly and are easily covered with light makeup, should you desire. We recommend using BioPelle Growth Factor serum to accelerate and potentiate the healing process post procedure. Most people are fine resuming their normal activities the next day. While we always encourage a high SPF sunscreen, especially after any procedure, there is no reason to remain indoors after this treatment.

Perhaps the best feature of the INFINI treatment is that its extraordinarily customizable to your unique needs. Beyond skin tightening of the face, neck, and decolletage, it can also be modified to enhance skin resurfacing in order to treat acne scarring and stretch marks. Schedule a consultation with one of our medical aesthetic professional to learn how the INFINI can help you live brilliantly.

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