Sculptra Aesthetic (poly L lactic acid) Injectable has been turning the world of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine upside down. To fully appreciate the anti-aging effects of Sculptra, one must understand the basic causes of facial aging. Initially, we thought the aging appearance was caused mostly by the development of deep wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. If this were true, Botox or comparable neuromodulators would solve all wrinkles and surgical facelifts would be the only real remedy to repair sagging skin and that would be the end of the story. But alas, after seeing many patients with sometimes multiple facelifts, I can assure you this is not the case. Despite having tight skin, symptoms of aging continue to develop rapidly and many of these facelift patients are back for more help within 6 months to a year. Why may you ask? Because loose skin is just a symptom of a complex multifactorial aging process, whose primary features involve not just loss of skin elasticity but also rapid facial fat loss (beginning in your 40’s) and accelerated bone loss in those over 50. While fillers can help to temporarily replace lost fat and bone in the face, they are just short term bandaids to augment facial structures that continue to erode underneath.

While this scenario sounds quite depressing, I can assure you there is indeed hope. What if I told you that you can stop the fat and bone loss of aging in its tracks and even reverse it, taking years off of your appearance? Furthermore, what if I told you that very same treatment also stimulates substantial collagen and elastin proliferation in the skin, drastically improving skin thickness and elasticity? Enter Sculptra. Originally developed to combat the facial lipoatrophy (fat loss) in HIV patients, it was so effective in also treating bone loss and skin elasticity, aesthetic medicine jumped on it. After several years of perfecting the best concentration and injection techniques to minimize complications for aesthetic applications, Sculptra is the ONLY treatment on the market that reverses damage and preserves the structures of a youthful face.

After multiple previous training with Sculptra, I recently had the privilege to learn from the #1 sculptra injector in the world. Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera is a globally respected dermatology surgeon, aesthetic injector and educator, and has a booming practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He told me that Sculptra makes up 90% of his practice and after seeing his patients’ before and after photos, I can understand why. In many cases, with Sculptra injections alone, he has been able to take 20 years off someones appearance, leaving minimal need for further fillers. With the ability to stop aging in its tracks and reverse tissue loss by stimulating the human body to repair itself, Sculptra should be your number one priority treatment and will save you tens of thousands of dollars in other short term “bandaid” aesthetic treatments.

Treatment involves a medical consultation and initial comprehensive treatment involving multiple strategically placed injections by a licensed medical provider to stimulate fat, bone, and skin elasticity regeneration. Patients are numbed prior to injections with a topical numbing cream. Cooling is applied during treatment to improve comfort and decrease risk of bruising. The injections themselves contain lidocaine, dramatically decreasing discomfort with treatment. Following initial treatment, reassessments and touchup treatments are recommended every 2-3 months for a total of 3 treatments for optimal results. Followup maintenance involves annual assessment and maintenance treatments for the best possible long term outcome.

The cost for initial treatment is $2000. Maintenance treatments are $1200. We offer substantial discounts for full treatment series purchases.

Would you put brand new siding on a house with a crumbling foundation? If your foundation is crumbling, would you just put a big sheet of plywood over the gaps and remodel your house on top of it? I didn’t think so. You don’t have to be a building contractor to understand this concept. It presents an effective illustration to assist in understanding Sculptra vs. other short term aesthetic treatment options. Sculpture will repair and preserve your foundation so that you will need less work to your house and any improvements you do make will look better. Most importantly, Sculptra stimulates your body to repair you so you will never look fake, but rather always a natural younger radiant version of you.

Please do not hesitate to schedule your private consultation and received an individualized treatment plan customized to your unique needs. We are happy to answer questions regarding Sculptra and the many other treatments we offer at any time.



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